Adult eye tests

Your eye examination is built around carefully assessing your eye health and providing a solution tailored to your needs.

Eye tests can be daunting. Whether you are having a routine eye examination or investigating a change to your vision or a particular concern you have about your sight, we understand it can be disconcerting surrounded by machines. At Optomeyes Eyecare, we’re passionate believers in the personal touch.

The team takes the time to talk to you about your eyesight and any other issues to ensure you get the care and attention your eyes and your health deserves.

Unlike high street chains, when you visits us, there is no time limit on your appointment. Your appointment is for a minimum of thirty minutes, guaranteeing you the time and comfort for a thorough examination.

Your eye health can be affected by other health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol so it’s important to take the time to get to know about you, your lifestyle and your general well-being, not just your sight.

“Finding out about your lifestyle, work and hobbies is an important part of our eye examinations. We want to understand how you use your eyes on a daily basis so we can recommend the best sight correction for your situation. Then we’ll make decisions together about what’s best for you.”

Sue Wassall, Optometrist

Measuring how well you can see is a key part of your eye examination. If we discover your sight could be improved with glasses or contact lenses, you can choose from the many options available in store. The team is trained to offer appropriate recommendations based on what we’ve learnt about your lifestyle.

Importantly, your eye examination includes a series of checks on the health of your eyes; tests which can save your sight by picking up early signs of serious eye disease and can even alert us to other health conditions that may not yet be displaying symptoms. During one of our tests, we will scan your eyes using a state-of-the-art camera called an OCT. Historically, an OCT camera was only used by specialists in hospitals, however, we choose to use an OCT camera in both practices to provide an enhanced examination of your eyes and to spot any early indicators of problems.
An OCT scan allows us to view up to 80% of your eye, whereas other opticians who do not use an OCT camera may only be able to view your eye’s surface. Our team is able to discover any potentially damaging issues and get to work arranging the care you require.

Your risk from eye diseases grows as you get older, but early signs are often not obvious as you go about your day-to-day life. We recommend an eye check up every two years, and annually if you are under 16, over 69 or have a family history of
eye disease. Our opticians provides thorough eye examinations for thousands of valued customers all across Hampshire, continuing to build on over considerable experience in the industry.

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We are always happy to have our eyes tested here and we feel that we are being served very well. We have never been worried about prices for glasses or other checks that we need. I would be quite happy to encourage others to come here.

Frank Morant