Choose Road Pilot lenses for comfortable night driving

Do you find night driving uncomfortable?

According to industry research, people in the UK spend an average of 10 hours a week driving and of the 34 million drivers in the UK, around 85% experience glare whilst driving. And a staggering 31% completely avoid driving at night.

Yet the clocks have gone back, days are drawing in and the weather is creating poor driving conditions. Which means that avoiding night driving is getting more difficult. So, what is it that makes driving in low-light conditions such an ordeal for so many people?

The physical effects of low-light conditions

In the UK we are used to short, dismal days during autumn and winter, but those conditions affect how your body works.

It is quite natural to feel more tired during the darker months and reduced energy levels can make driving feel more physically demanding than it does in the summer months. Added to this, humans haven’t evolved to see well in low-light conditions. Our eyes take time to adjust with changing levels of light, making you more susceptible to the effects of reflections and glare.

What’s more, reduced light makes it generally more difficult to judge depth and colour, as well as affecting your peripheral vision. That can make it harder to spot hazards and may impair driving judgements such as whether it is safe to pull out at a junction. Thus reducing your confidence when it comes to night driving.

Reducing the effects of glare

There are practical steps you can take to reduce the adverse impact of glare when driving at night. These include:

  • Keep your vehicle windows and mirrors clean and streak-free.
  • Glance to the kerb to avoid the glare of oncoming vehicle headlights.
  • Dim your dashboard lights to reduce the contrast between your car and the dark road.
  • Avoid dark or tinted lenses when driving at night.
  • Avoid driving when tired.
  • Have your eyes tested regularly to ensure you meet the required standards for driving.

Goodbye to glare

The good news is that Road Pilot lens technology puts an end to the adverse effects of glare. In fact, Road Pilot lenses reduce reflections by up to 90%, which significantly reduces the glare experienced by drivers.

The cutting edge technology used to make Road Pilot lenses delivers high-definition vision across the whole surface of the lens, reducing aberrations typically found in high-powered lenses. This combines to improve your perception and provides an all-round improved consistency of vision, day or night.

Road Pilot lenses are available as single vision and Varilux and boast an impressive 2-year anti-scratch guarantee.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about how Road Pilot lenses could transform your driving experience and make it a pleasure to go out in the dark, pop into our shops, either in Lee-on-Solent or Wickham, where our staff would be delighted to help. Alternatively, call 02392 550723 (Lee-on-Solent) or 01329 832706 (Wickham).