Floaters – cause for concern?

Experiencing small black dots or faint hairlines moving in your vision are fairly common and not usually an indication of anything serious. If you have had them for a long time, your vision continues to feel unaffected and you do not think they are getting worse, there is probably nothing to be concerned about.

As we get older, the vitreous gel inside our eyes gradually becomes more liquid and collapses away from the back of the eye. Floaters are generally considered to be tissue debris from this process. Short-sighted people are more likely to experience floaters as are those who have had recent eye trauma or eye surgery.

During your regular check up appointments, your Optometrist will check for floaters, discuss any concerns you have and offer reassurance. 

However, there are some circumstances where further urgent investigation is required and you should not delay in seeking professional advice if you experience:

  • Sudden onset of floaters or flashes in your vision, not previously noticed
  • The number of floaters suddenly increases
  • The incidence of flashes in your vision suddenly increases
  • You experience a dark curtain or shadow moving across your vision
  • You suddenly experience blurred vision

Any of the above symptoms may although unlikely, also be accompanied with eye pain. 

Any of these could be a sign of a serious problem with the back of your eye, which could permanently affect your vision if not treated promptly, so it is vital you see your Optometrist as soon as possible.

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