Sunglasses & prescription sports eye wear

From sporty superstars to beach browsers – your eyes deserve the best protection possible.

Having a quality pair of sunglasses is more than just a fashion statement. Harmful UV rays found in sunlight are believed to be a factor in a number of eye diseases. Protecting your eyes from UV light may delay the onset of conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts, meaning you can enjoy quality vision for longer. Your sunglasses are no longer just for holidays. Even on overcast days, your eyes are exposed to plenty of UV light in the UK and it’s intensified if it’s reflected off water or snow.

Whether you enjoy golf, sailing, cycling, running or walking – or indeed any other outdoor hobby – protecting your eyes from the sun is as important as having the right equipment. Whatever your preferred sport, we’re delighted to be able to prescribe quality prescription sunglasses so you have superb eye protection that is suited to your sport. If you don’t need prescription lenses, best-selling Maui Jim sunglasses are available with standard polarized lenses too.
Our favourite brand of sunglasses is Maui Jim. They use polarized lenses to offer exceptional protection from UV light but without obliterating the colours and detail of the world around us. The prescription range includes varifocals and there are styles suited to everyone – whether you’re a serious sailor or just want to relax by the sea with a book.

Prescription sunglasses
Whether you’re looking for a well-known brand or simply want to put some tinted lenses in a standard frame, there are plenty of options to allow you to create the perfect sunglasses for you.

You can expect the same exemplary level of advice and support as you would get
for all of our services, including a full rundown of your options to ensure you get great looking, great fitting sunglasses. Our selection of coloured tints put you in control of your style, whilst we worry about your eye health. Polarised lenses offer additional protection from glare which is particularly useful for driving, sailing or skiing. Your new sunglasses will reduce eye fatigue and let you enjoy your day in increased comfort.

We also fit the latest photochromic lenses which change colour to suit the conditions,
staying clear inside but becoming tinted in bright light. Transitions lenses respond quickly to changing light and are available as bifocals and varifocals, in both brown and grey tints.

Specialist sports
Depending on your preferred sport you may need prescription lenses for items such as swimming and ski goggles. Whatever you need we can provide a great solution that is comfortable and lets you see clearly.

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